BioTop Turf Treatment
A biology inoculant derived from Vermi Compost.
​BioTop is the missing link for adding beneficial biology at times of renovation.


       What does BioTop do?

  • Adds a beneficial SRD (species rich diversity) biology to your soil community at regeneration time
  • Promotes quicker root development of newly laid turf areas
  • Enhances germination of newly seeded areas
  • Promotes deeper rooting with less scarring
  • Assists foliar and root disease suppression
  • Reduces chemical and fertiliser inputs
  • Assists in the reduction of thatch and thatch fungus
  • Suppresses parasitic nematodes, fusarium, fairy ring, dollar spot, dry patch, thatch fungus and leaf spot diseases
  • Releases plant nutrients naturally, reducing fertiliser costs
  • Helps convert macro and micro nutrients and aids in effective uptake of fertilisers, lengthening periods between fertiliser applications
  • Improves stress resistance
  • ​Effective for re-generation on oil and other pollution spills